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“Compatto has a  large selection of lovely, high end yarns, and they have lots of samples of projects around the shop for inspiration. They are also incredibly helpful in finding patterns for projects.”
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compatto_about_aboutBonnie’s Story

As a young girl Bonnie was taught to knit by her mother. She fell in love with it shortly thereafter, and now loves encouraging others to knit and learn new skills. On any given day she will be wearing one of her wonderful hand knit garments; be it a sweater, scarf, socks, or gloves. Bonnie’s passion for knitting is palpable through the welcoming and friendly environment she has created at Compatto. Come in and find her happily watching and guiding other knitters enjoy the camaraderie of knitting at Compatto, sharing tips and techniques, meeting new friends and reacquainting with others.

Bonnie has a knack for teaching people how to knit – with catchy techniques and sayings for even those that have the most difficulty learning. She is passionate about knitting and excited to share her passion with anyone who walks into the store.